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Please make note of the new KBRC office address:

Kentucky Board of Respiratory Care
Traditional Bank Building, 3rd Floor
163 W. Short St., Suite 350
Lexington, KY 40507
Office Phone: 859-246-2747
Office Fax: 859-246-2750

2016 KBRC Respiratory Renewal

(Notes: The online renewal link will begin working on 11/1/2015 and will cease working on 1/30/2016 midnight eastern standard time.), (Do not use Reactivation Form for renewal, it is used to reactivate a licensure only.Not to renew it.)

Welcome to the 2016 renewal; when finished you will be able to print out receipt and be prompted by email to print out your new wallet card.

Click the following link to begin KBRC Online 2016 Renewal

Click on the following link if you wish to print out the renewal form and submit by mail and make payment by check or money order. The KBRC will send your card if you choose this method. Write the info from the CEUs on lines provided on second sheet. Do not send your certificates at this time. They will not be kept. Make sure all questions are answered and all required fields are wrote down. Incomplete renewal forms will be sent back.

Click the following link to begin renewal app 2016 New Address front page 1 and 2 PDF.pdf2016 renewal form for printing out


Be Aware If You Do Not Renew And Attempt To Work Without A License (Lapsed Licensure - No Licensure)

At the February 2007 meeting the Board discussed guidelines for legal counsel to take actions against individuals who have worked without proper license. The Board charged legal counsel and staff to issue Agreed Orders to those individuals found to have worked illegally, with suspensions of up to two (2 weeks) and fines up to $750 ($50 per day). Any other lapse for therapist fined over $750 and suspended more than two (2) weeks; would need approval by the Board at its next scheduled meeting before a license could be reissued or reinstated, to work again.

Online KY Status Verification Now Available

The KBRC now has online primary source verification of respiratory care therapists. This is for verification only. All other information must be requested by contacting the KBRC Board directly. Newly licensed therapists may take several days to be listed and may be verified by the KBRC by fax if needed. If all that is needed is verification in hand from the KBRC, simply print details page from browser printer and end verification process.

Verification Check

Know The Difference Between The KBRC And The KSRC?

If you passed and received your CRT credential after the date of July 1, 2002, please review!

Statement Regarding NBRC Credentials


Strict Enforcement of CEU Regulations!

The KBRC will be strictly enforcing the regulations on CEU submissions during the renewal cycle. The KBRC will no longer be allowing CEUs which were obtained after Dec. 31 for use during the renewal cycle.  Read and be aware of the KAR 29:050 Regulation on continuing education Section 2.  Accrual of Continuing Education Units Mandatory.


Computation of Accrual:

  • A minimum of twenty-four (24) continuing education units shall be accrued by each person holding mandatory certification during the two (2) year certification period for renewal.
  • The certification period shall be January 1 of one (1) year through December 31 of the following calendar year. Note: (This is for CEU submission only. Licensure expiration will remain Jan. 30th.)
  • All units shall be in or related to the field of respiratory care.