Continuing Education

​KBRC requirements on continuing educational units for renewal


 The KBRC will be strictly enforcing the regulations on CEU submissions during the renewal cycle. The KBRC will no longer be allowing CEUs which were obtained after Dec. 31 for use during the renewal cycle. Read and be aware of the KAR 29:050 Regulation on continuing education Section 2. Accrual of Continuing Education Units Mandatory; Computation of Accrual.

  1. A minimum of twenty-four (24) continuing education units shall be accrued by each person holding mandatory certification during the two (2) year certification period for renewal.
  2. The certification period shall be January 1 of one (1) year through December 31 of the following calendar year. Note: (This is for CEU submission only. Licensure expiration will remain Jan. 30th.)
  3. All units shall be in or related to the field of respiratory care.
  4. All units for continuing education must be obtained after completion and graduation of accredited course. CEUs cannot be accrued as students.

Kentucky requires 24 Continuing Educational Units, (CEU's) every two years for renewal of licensure. These CEU's must be within the 24 month period of that renewal cycle. There are no carryover CEU's allowed. The KBRC accepts all CEU's that are AARC approved. All other CEU's need to be confirmed and approved by the KBRC.


This is not a complete list of all submissions

  • NBRC RPFT exam - 2 CEU's (first time takers effective January 1996)
  • NBRC Neonatal/Pediatric exam - 4 CEU's (first time takers effective January 1996)
  • NBRC  (ACCS) Adult Critical Care Specialty Exam - 10 CEUs
  • HIV/AIDS programs are capped at up to 2 CEU's/course/year (total of 4/renewal) *This is not a requirement for obtaining licensure renewal.
  • Grandfathered certificate holders working toward CRTT or RRT or CRTT educational classes other than general and/or classes required to meet degree.
  • Beginning January 1, 1993 - grant 4 ceu's to those individuals who take the RRT exam for the first time.
  • Beginning April 2002 - grant 4 ceu's to those successfully completing registered Polysolm Tech (PSGT) Exam.
  • Beginning August 27, 1999 - the following upgrades have been approved in order to meet those of the AARC: (the following will be used for Recredentialing only.)
    • CRT – 10 CRCEs
    • RRT (written & clinical simulation) – 15 CRCEs
  • Entry Level CPFT – 10 CRCEs
  • RPFT – 10 CRCE
  • S.T.A.B.L.E. - grant 7 CEU's to those individuals who take the program.
  • Neonatal / Pediatric – 10 CRCEs (Recredentialing)
  • Asthma Educator's Course – 13.5 CEU's (AARC approved)
  • American Heart Association BLS - 10 CEU's (Be advised this is for Instructor class only.)
  • ACLS, PALS - 10 CEU's, NALS or NRP - 8 CEU"s and all ACLS & PALS Instructor courses are 10 CEU's as of 2006 to present.
  • BCLS – no longer accepted, beginning January, 1996
  • Academic courses (A course offered by an accredited post secondary institution and approved by the KBRC Board.) eligible for continuing education credit. Academic courses are eligible for approved continuing education and will be given 15 CEUs per credit hour if:
    • A respiratory course 400 level or higher.
    • A course in biological, psychological, sociological, or physical sciences relevant to patient care and above 400 level.  Relevant means having content applicable to the practice of respiratory care.
    • A course applicable to respiratory care practice and appropriate for the respiratory care practitioner employed in the areas of clinical practice, administration, education, or research.
    • A continuing education course is approved if it:
      • Is an organized program of learning;
      • Pertains to subject matters which integrally relate to the practice of respiratory care
      • Contributes to the professional competency of the licensee, and
      • Is conducted by individuals who have educational training or experience acceptable to the Board.

Notes:  If a continuing education course has not been previously accredited/approved by the Board, do not wait until you renew your license to get approval for that course.  Your renewal may be delayed.  Seek prior approval for continuing education credit on courses not previously accredited by the Board. Only licensed therapists can use college courses for CEU purposes. Students cannot use college courses for future CEU credit.


All CEUs which have been submitted by application and approved are valid for two years from date of approval. The same course may be resubmitted one additional time by the application process to the Board. No course(s) will be granted approval after their second submission. NOTE: ACLS, PALS, NRP and NALS can be taken every two years.


Submitting CEU for Approval


If you need approval for a CEU that is not on our listing or not already approved by the AARC, you must fill out the CEU Application approval form.  Download the 2016 New Address Continuing Ed Approval App.pdf2016 New Address Continuing Ed Approval App.pdf


Looking for Continuing Education?


The Kentucky Board of Respiratory Care would like to remind therapists that these rules apply to finding CEUs for renewing their licensure:

The CEUs offered by a provider online, must have been approved by the AARC or by the KBRC. (If you do not see it listed as approved by the AARC or the KBRC, then it needs to be approved by the KBRC. All courses approved by the AARC or by the KBRC have specific course numbers.) Contact the board if you have questions about CEU acceptance.