Responsibilities of Certification Holders and Employers

​Employers Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all new employees have current "certification" cards prior to their hire.
  • If a practitioner's status is in question, call the KBRC at 859-246-2747 to verify "certification" status.
  • Ensure that "student" practitioners responsibilities include only those job functions they are able to do by law.
  • Renewal Postcard reminders are mailed to those practitioners due to renew their mandatory certificates in late October. On November 1st the renewal window will open and remain open until the Jan. 30th deadline. The "certificates" expire and terminate January 30. Those practitioners who have not renewed by January 30 cannot, by law, practice respiratory care until they have reinstated. You may want to track the renewals of your employees because anyone working after January 30 without a current license is working illegally, and your facility can be audited and funds generated by the practitioner be returned to Medicaid/Medicare

We would suggest the following guidelines:

  • Make sure practioners understand that there is no grace period. Expiration of licensure will be January 30.
  • Kindly post notices to keep addresses current as renewal forms are no longer mailed and renewal starts November 1st.
  • Make sure therapists understand all CEU Certificates must reflect a completion date before or on Dec. 31st prior to expiration date on their licensure card. Any CEUs submitted in January of the card holder's expiration date will not be accepted.
  • November - January: remind those individuals who have not yet received their renewal postcard reminder to contact the KBRC since "certificates" expire and terminate January 30.
  • January 30 - Those individuals who have not given you a copy of I.D. card cannot work, by law, until they are reinstated.

Certification Holder's Responsibilities


  • You must be currently enrolled in an accredited Respiratory program to hold a "student" certificate.
  • Certificate needs to be acquired if employed for pay - not for clinical purposes.
  • You can only perform the job functions as outlined in the law.
  • Upon graduation, you must immediately apply for a temporary certificate (if employed).


  • Good for six months from date of graduation or the passage of the NBRC CRT Exam.
  • Duties can be performed as if holding a mandatory certificate.
  • Those individuals who have passed must apply for the mandatory certificate.
  • Those individuals who have failed the NBRC exam will still be allowed to work and retake the exam as many times as needed to pass (within the six month temporary licensure). Once the temporary licensure has expired without passage, the individual must cease and desist practice. Pass the NBRC CRT Exam and then apply for "Mandatory" licensure.


To be held by individuals practicing respiratory care in Kentucky:

  • You are responsible for maintaining your continuing education credits and submitting them to the KBRC either by listing on renewal form or submitting copies if audited.
  • Renewals will be processed by January 30. The mandatory certificates will terminate on January 30 and you are no longer able to practice until you reinstate.
  • Any therapist who wishes to reinstate after January 30 must complete a reinstatement form and submit 24 approved continuing education credits that have been obtained in the previous 24 months. You are not permitted to work until the processing is complete.

​Address and Name Changes

The Board would like to remind therapists who have moved or had name changes during their renewal cycle to please contact the KBRC office to update your new information.

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