Laws, Regulations & Opinions

​Below you will find the link to the Legislative Research Commission to view the Laws (KRS) and the Administrative Regulations (KAR) for the KY Respiratory Care Board.

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KY Revised Statutes

KRS Chapter 314A00
Statutes Last Updated June 21, 2005 

KY Administrative Regulations

Chapter 29 Board of Respiratory Care

KBRC Opinion Statements

Statement Regarding Hospital Verbal Orders - Dec. 16,2005 12/19/2007 Update on Verbal Orders:

To whom it may concern:

The question has come before the Kentucky Board of Respiratory Care regarding the legality of Respiratory Therapist taking and writing a verbal order from a physician. This question has been posed to the board in the past and an opinion has been stated. Kentucky Revised Statutes 314.A100 (3) states "The respiratory care practitioner may transcribe and implement a physician's written or verbal orders pertaining to the practice of respiratory care procedures as defined in this section." Kentucky Administrative Regulations 20:016,B,5 is the copy of the law to which the question has originated. As you are aware a statute of any law overrides a regulation of any other law. Therefore KRS 314.A100 will take precedent over KAR 20:016. Rest assured that Respiratory Therapists in your facility that take verbal orders are completely within the scope of the law. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the Kentucky Board of Respiratory Care.