Continuing Education

​​​​​In order to be used for license renewal, Continuing Educational Unites (CEUs) obtained must have been approved by the AARC or the KBRC. If you have attended a course, in person or online, that does not have an AARC approval number you may, ​within 90 days of completion of the course, submit the course to the KBRC for approval.

Submitting for CEU Approval​

Course Providers: To seek pre-approval of a course, please submit a continuing education application along with a copy of the course agenda, objectives of the course and payment of $10. ​

Respiratory Care Licensees: To seek post-approval of a course please submit the continuing education application within 90 days of completing the course. Supporting documents should include course completion certificate, along with a copy of the course agenda. There is no fee to the licensee for this approval.

Academic courses (A course offered by an accredited post-secondary institution) are eligible for continuing education credit if:

  1. A respiratory course 400 level or higher.
  2. A course in biological, psychological, sociological, or physical sciences relevant to patient care. Relevant means having content applicable to the practice of respiratory care.
  3. A course applicable to respiratory care practice and appropriate for the respiratory care practitioner employed in the areas of clinical practice, administration, education, or research.​

To seek approval of completed academic courses please submit a Continuing Education Approval Application within 90 daysof completing the course. Supporting documents should include proof of course completion and the course catalog description of the course. There is no fee for academic course approval.

All ceus, which have been submitted by application and approved, are valid for two years from date of approval. The same course may be re-submitted one additional time by the application process to the Board. No course(s) with the same content will be granted approval after their second submission.

Continuing Education Approval Application

NOTE: All units for continuing education must be obtained after completion and graduation of an accredited program of learning. CEUs cannot be accrued as students. For more detailed explanation of ceu requirements, please refer to the Laws & Regulations page, KAR 29:050 – Continuing education requirements.​

Frequently Used CEU's

The following courses may be used for renewal every two years. This is not a complete listing.
ACLS - 10
PALS - 10
NRP - 8
​ACLS, PALS, NRP Instructor Course- 10 (These courses are for use ONLY when becoming an instructor)

NBRC Credential Exams

The following courses may be used for the first time takers only.
RRT - 4
ACCS - 4
CPFT - 2
RPFT - 2
NPS - 4
SDS - 4
The NBRC requires anyone who obtained a credential after July 1, 2002 to renew that credential. If you take an exam to renew a credential that has not yet expired you may count that exam for the following CEUs:
CRT - 10
RRT - 15
ACCS - 10
RPFT - 10
CPFT - 10
NPS - 10
SDS - 10
Other credentialing exams:
CCSH - 4
AE-C - 4